Umberto Crenca's 30 Hour Doodling Marathon

5pm on Thursday, June 23rd to 11pm on Friday, June 24th.
At AS220's Black Box Theater - 95 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903.

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Witness, interact and support.

Can't make the show? No worries, stream it!


Old AS220 Artistic Directors don't retire, they just get forced to doodle for 30 hours straight to raise money for us! That's exactly what Umberto ‘Bert’ Crenca, AS220's Founder and Plenipotentiary, is going to attempt to do from 5pm on Thursday June 23rd until 11pm on Friday June 24th inside AS220's Black Box Theater at 95 Empire Street, Providence. Can he create a 30 ft doodle in 30 hours to celebrate 30 years of AS220?  Donate to find out!

Yes, Bert had his fun running this place, but now we’re sticking him in a black, windowless room to create art in support of AS220 Youth - our free after school arts program that serves at-risk young people. After he moved out of AS220’s main office, he took over a studio in Youth where he creates, conducts his business and generally holds court. In Downcity, that's prime real estate! Time to pay the rent.

This is your chance to torture - sorry, support! - Bert in his epic doodle performance. How long he doodles is up to you. Every thousand dollars raised keeps him drawing for another hour. Want to see him sweat? Donate to put his endurance to the test!

Over the years, Bert has drawn thousands of doodles, many created during countless meetings at AS220. An expansive selection of doodles will be sale for $40 in the Black Box while Bert toils away at his 30 ft doodle. If you can’t make it down to watch him work, visit AS220’s website and buy a ‘Doodle Lucky Dip’ (according to our staff member from New Zealand, a lucky dip is something selected at random!).  Help us take advantage of the artist before the art market does!

This event is free and open to the public. We will be live streaming on TV220 - AS220's YouTube channel - and accepting donations online. All sales and donations go directly to benefit AS220 Youth.